Turning 61 on January 7th was a wee bit of a wake-up call.
I can’t believe I am that old. Inside I feel 31, but when I look in the mirror, or feel the aches and pains of arthritis, I know I am a wee bit older.
But, I am tired of feeling old, rundown and fat. I hate that my knees and hips cause pain every day. I’m unable to take anti inflammatories,  so must try other things. For years, I have tried to lose weight. I have been to weight watchers and tried the South Beach diet  (both of which worked for a short time, but have not provided lifestyle changes.
My blood pressure went way up several years ago and I am now on medication. My doctor wants to lower my cholesterol with more medication I am fighting that.
Enough already! I need to get healthy. I need a complete makeover – of diet, exercise, of healthy living habits. Hence this blog. I need support and accountability. |I need to learn new ways of eating, exercise and living day to day. I don’t want to rely on pills for the rest of my life to prevent heart disease and stroke, which are my family’s major risk factors.  I definitely need to find a balance so that I can achieve all I want to achieve and to live a healthier lifestyle.
I had tried last year to make changes but problems with my knee seemed to take over. Five months of physio did little to solve the problem, although it brought some relief.
The scale doesn’t lie and I know it was time to do something. Diet is a four letter word and I am so tired of trying this and that diet. What I need is to make  a commitment  to better health and improved fitness. Losing some weight and strengthening my muscles can only help my knees and the arthritis.

So I am beginning again. It will be a way to have accountability and support along the way. A place to share what I am learning and doing.


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