Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

                                                           Friday Weigh -In

I had a wonderful week away and a few extra days of not blogging, so I am ready to get back on track - both with my blogs and my healthier lifestyle.

When I stepped on the scale this morning I was worried.
Staying in a hotel for a week and eating mostly restaurant food was a challenge - I had a gluten- free breakfast and that was all. But we did a lot of walking every day.

I looked at the scale and I had actually lost 0.2! Yeah.

Goals for the coming week:

1. Check out the recipes from Undiet and Wheat Belly Cookbook for some variety for breakfasts and lunches.
2. Go through my yoga and exercise DVDs and find one I like. Add 10 - 20 min a morning.
3. Keep on with upping  up my water intake. Try some with lemon and cayenne.(from Undiet)
4. Finish Undiet.
5.Read Wheat Belly.


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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Weigh-In/ Finish the Sentence Friday

                                                            Friday Weigh-In

I was leery about weighing myself this morning as it has been an up and down week. My husband had bad news at work so it has been stressful. He has kept his job but almost 100 people are being let go. Downsizing - how I hate that word. What it means really is profit over people. Sorry - my little rant.
I have also been going through all my teaching materials. I am having a large teacher sale tomorrow. It is hard to sift through 36 years of your life's work and see it go. But I want to reclaim my downstairs which has been overrun by teaching stuff. It looks like a scene from hoarders right now! I took a picture but dare not share it! lol
So it has been a stressful week which meant - guacamole and doritos and ice cream bars.

But, I did lose a pound after all. Must have been all the work downstairs - and sweating it off!

Goals for the coming week:

1. Find and make some shake recipes I can enjoy.
2. Eat more vegetables and fruit.
3. Ramp up my water intake. Try some with lemon - great suggestion Erin!
4. Start walking more.
5. Finish "Undiet"

At "Finish the Sentence Friday", this week's sentence is:
I have a bad habit of:

eating junk when I am stressed and,

having to have a treat when I drink tea.

While talking with my daughter last night, we actually discussed this bad habit and she literally wagged her finger at me (over the phone no less) about it. It is a habit I actually picked up from my Mom. It is a difficult one to deal with but I am s l o w  l  y   adjusting. I am actually having my tea right now, without toast or a cookie or 3.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Weighty Wisdom

                                                Wednesday Weighty Wisdom

Today on the Marilyn Denis Show, Dr. David A. Macklin was one of the guests on this healthy issues programme.

He stressed that there were 5 different eaters and how and when we eat effected if we overate. He said we had to learn new rules about when we overate. Fascinating stuff.

Types of Eaters:
The Night Eaters (happens after 8 pm)
Dessert Lovers (That's me - a bad habit and proving difficult to shake)
The Big Dinner Lovers
Homecomer Lovers (eat right when you come home)
The Afternoon Snackers

Check here for more information on his theory and other healthy info.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Weigh-In /My bucket List

                                                                Friday Weigh-In

I have made it through my first week and done fairly well.

I have been without gluten (no bread, cookies, snacks!) for a week and I don't have the cravings. My acid reflux has lessened and I have lost weight! Yeah! I have lost 3.6 pounds.

I have had a dull headache most days - which I am putting down to withdrawal, as I have also cut back on tea (which I always had to have with a treat). Today though no headache and I feel better.

There is still a bit of acid reflux, so am wondering if I need to cut milk - my children are lactose intolerant - maybe I may need to try this as well.

I created an art card for ICAD (an index card a day - for June and July) and I refer to it several times a day.

It is so true - I have to stick with this now - to improve my health and hopefully ease the pain in my knees.

For me, recording of my meals and snacks has been a very useful tool. I haven't started any exercise programme, altho we have been swimming 2x a week.

My overall goal is to :  Lose 25 pounds and become fitter.

Goals for week 2:
1.Continue to record my food intake.
2. Drink more water. (I still have a ways to go to 8 glasses a day!)
3. Finish reading "UnDiet" by Meghan Telpner
4. Start reading "Wheat Belly" by William Davis
5. Check out a video on beginner yoga.

See you Wednesday for "Wednesday's Weighty Wisdom" - a look at what I am reading and learning about healthy lifestyles.

I have just discovered a great blog hop and it so fits in with my goal making.

Finish the Sentence Friday

My bucket list includes:

Many things and the list has changed over the years.

Right now, my huge goal is to get healthier and feel better than I have in years.

I also want to be a published author (working on editing a children's book now) and hold my very own art show. I would also like to set up an ETSY shop.

Zentangle star

I would like to travel with my husband and visit special places like B.C and Newfoundland, and a return to Cayman Islands and Scotland.


I want to see whales in the ocean.

Most of all, though, I want to enjoy my retirement, with family and friends, and contribute in a meaningful way.