Monday, September 30, 2013

Intro - 31 Days of Change

October begins a new challenge - 31 Days of Change. The Nester has held this monthly daily challenge for several years now and I decided to join in the fun with hundreds of others.

The challenge is to choose a topic that you want to explore and write every day for 31 days

I have chosen to focus on making a health choice every day.
Yes,I have been trying to become healthier.
Yes, I have lost some weight.
But,  I have not been consistent or fully committed. It is like 2 steps forward and 3 back at times.

I really have to improve my health. I began the 100 days to a healthier me on Sept. 17 but I have not followed through as I should have.

So when I saw this challenge I knew it would be the nudge to force me to be more accountable and consistent and to complete the 100 days.

Each day I hope to focus on healthy choices and  learn as I go.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

We finally have internet - phone- and TV back! Over 2 days without all three! I ended up reading 3 books and doing some art, but I sure missed all 3. At least I had my cellphone.

Well this has been a busy week and a gluten-free week.
And yes, there was a weight loss. Yeah! I lost 1.4 pounds this week - almost back to where I was Sept. 6th. Oh well, at least I am getting back on track.

Goals for This week:
1. Research and start doing exercises to build the muscle around my knees.
2. Eat at least 3 fruits a day, besides my orange juice in the morning.
3. Return to Spark People and use their resources.

I have to finish my 2 books (Wheat Belly and Undiet) but they are going slowly.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Returning to my Senses

I have decided to start a 100 Day Challenge, beginning today. This will take me to Christmas Eve.
I need more structure to my days so that I can accomplish more than I am.
The past few weeks, since our holidays really, I have been off track. In fact, by last Friday, I had gained a few pounds back, I knew I was eating bad and it was like I couldn't help myself.
This morning, I have woken up feeling awqful and knowing I have to do something.  Hence the 100 Days.
Ann Voskamp of "A Holy Experience" and the author of "One Thousand Gifts", has a wonderful tool for keeping track of habits you want to address each day for 100 days. Check here for this printable.
Habits can be changed but need time and persistence - usually 30 days is required.
So for 30 days at a time I plan to address 3 different habits and record them on Ann's sheet to keep me accountable.
For the first month, the 3 areas of concern will be:
1. Drink water with lemon juice on arising.
2. Move daily for 10-20 minutes.
3. Go gluten-free.
Just to make me totally accountable (!), I weighed myself this morning. 197.6  Not as bad as I thought.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

                                                               Friday Weigh-In

I stepped on the scale this morning not expecting much. I have tried to be careful, but I had a few bumps along the way.
But I had actually dropped 2.6 pounds.

I know I need to do better with watching what I snack on when I am tired. I also know I need to add the exercise component.

Goals for the coming week:

1. Develop more variety for snacks and lunches.
2. Go through my yoga and exercise DVDs and find one I like. Add 10 - 20 min a morning. (did not do this last week! - need to get started as this will especially help with my flexibility)
3. Keep on with upping  up my water intake. Try some with lemon and cayenne.(from Undiet) (I am up to 1 bottle a day - altho I really need to drink more. Having tried the cayenne either!)
4. Finish Undiet.
5. Read Wheat Belly.

Both of these books are good - just have not been able to read as much of them in any one sitting. I have read a number of other books though!
I have started a binder of info - tips, motivating stories and good exercises. I will keep adding to it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Weighty Wisdom

                               Wednesday Weighty Wisdom

One of my weaknesses is buying (and reading) magazines. My husband has diabetes and I am always on the lookout for information. I just bought the current issue of "Diabetic Living" and was really struck by an article by Toby Smithson. pg. 36/37 "My Diagnosis Became My Life"}
She was able to truly manage her diabetes and is no helping others do the same.
But one paragraph really stood out - it could apply to anyone who is trying to become healthier, trying to lose weight.
"The real question about diabetes self-management responsibilities is not "Can you do it?", but rather simply "Will you do it?"
As she says further in the article'
"Managing diabetes well is a huge inconvenience... But what other choice do we have than to meet the challenge head-on? The stakes are literally life and limb."
She prioritizes her health and always gives time to what needs to be done to maintain good health. This is something we must all do.  Asking whether we will do it is a great way to start.
You can check out her website here.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Challenge

Karissa of "A Fresh Start on a Budget" is hosting an interesting challenge - blogging every day in September, by responding to prompts.

Today's question:  Why did I start blogging?

I answered this question on my main blog "Bunny's Girl", but I wanted to share the why behind my newest blog.

I have always struggled with my weight. Even in my late 20s, when I actually lost weight and felt great about myself, the weight gradually returned.
This summer, I knew I must finally work at getting healthier. I retired from teaching at the end of June and knew it was time. I also knew I needed the accountability of posting what I was doing and how I was doing.

I took a second week off last week and when I checked this morning, I was not surprised to see a bit of a weight gain.
But today, first day of a new school year - a new routine must start for me once again. I was starting to get symptoms back that I experienced before I cut wheat and milk.

So back on track and getting accountable!
I will get back on track and post Wednesdays and Fridays as before.