Friday, November 1, 2013

Trying to get back on Track

Confession time. I have been bad - very bad. Eating what I shouldn't have, going off gluten-free and I have paid for it.
I have gained back a couple of pounds and I don't feel that great.

But, I have also taken a positive step. I signed on with a local personal trainer this week. I will be meeting with Tobey once a week for 10 weeks. She is a task master and will be helping me build up my muscles and strength, especially around my knees. It wasn't working at home. I needed a push and she will definitely do that.

I got a scare Monday when I actually had to run for a bus. What  I did wasn't even running but by the time I got on the bus, my heart was pounding and my knees were screaming.

I am so tired of dealing with pain and lack of energy.

So time for a drastic change and doing what is right for my body.