Saturday, September 30, 2017

Intro Post - Write 31 Days

I started this blog in 2013 - the year I retired from teaching. I was determined to get healthy. But then my husband's health gradually worsened and the stress from his health issues led me to forget my own health issues. I ignored this blog and all that it could have been.

Over three years after my last post, I know I need to do much better. to take care of myself. My daughter insists she wants me around for her kids and with a new granddaughter, the desire to get healthy is that much stronger.

The "Write 31 Days" challenge is the perfect vehicle to do that. We are encouraged to write about something dear to our hearts. (This challenge is now hosted by Crystal Stine)

This month I begin "31 Days of Healthy Choices"

I need to, once and for all, climb out of the rut I landed back in and restart my healthy choices goals.
I am going public once again, seeking support (and a backbone!), to get healthier, lose some weight and in general, feel better and move more.

I have just signed on to Prevention's "Transform With Yoga Challenge" - 3 months of videos, recipes, support. I can log in daily - to ask questions, get support, watch yoga classes. I am excited. I have never done much yoga but the benefits seem so impressive.

As the month progresses, I hope to share some of my journey as well as some of what I am learning.

I share this poster I made for myself - one that reflects what I must do - change my daily routine!