Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 12 - Write 31 Days

Today is Day 12 of the Write 31 Days writing challenge. My theme is “31 Days of Healthy Choices”.

Did you know that the average Canadian consume more than 25 teaspoons of sugar a day? That’s an obscene amount of sugar. The trouble is, sugar hides in so much of what we eat – pop, ketchup, sweets, etc, etc, etc. Check any processed product and there will probably be some kind of sugar/dextrose in the ingredients.
Some glucose in our diet is needed for good brain function – but too much and a whole host of bad comes with it:
*memory problems
*liver disease
*bad skin
And this is just the short list!

We have become addicted to sugar and we need the high we get from it. Yet we know it is bad.
I have tried cutting back, but once I have a carb with sugar, my cravings start.
After two weeks on the South Beach diet a few years ago, my sugar cravings stopped and I lost weight. Trouble is, once I restarted carbs, the cravings, and the weight returned.
Eating anything in moderation is a given – we need to be as aware as possible about what we put into our bodies, especially sugar.

Check here for an interesting article on sugar consumption.

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