Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Write 31 Days - Day 4

Today is Day 4 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.

As I settle into watching what I eat, and taking as many steps as I can, there are still bumps in the road.
This morning I had cereal with flax for breakfast - I just couldn't face eggs. But that led to a bigger lunch. I will have to go back to having an egg for breakfast for a while.

Here are some tips I remember that have helped before:

~number 1 - is to journal about this journey and write down everything that you eat each meal. It is recommended by many people. And it does work.

~brush your teeth after every meal

~don't eat anywhere but at the  dining room/kitchen table

~have a bunch of vegetables already cut up for a quick snack

~put some fruit in your water and sip often

~set a timer for 30 minutes when at the computer - and then get up and move around for at least 10 minutes

What tips do you have to help you eat and live healthier?

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