Thursday, October 5, 2017

Write 31 Days - day 5

Today is Day 5 of the "Write 31 Days" - and my theme for this challenge is "31 Days of Healthy Choices"

Yesterday I mentioned keeping a list of foods eaten and how you are feeling.
But, I find that keeping a journal involves so much more. It becomes a record, a diary, a means to clear the mind of negative thoughts.
If you have never kept a journal consider doing it.
In Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way", she stresses writing morning pages. I find that for me, I need to dump what's bothering me and also what's right with me at night. I can exorcise the gremlins and go to be having expressed gratitude for what has gone well. I sleep much better.

Here are some articles on keeping a journal:

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Do you keep a journal?

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