Monday, October 2, 2017

Write 31 Days - Day 2

Day 2 of the Write31Days – and the topic today is New Routines.

To be successful in leading a healthier lifestyle, I really must adopt new routines.
For too long, I have:
~had a treat with my tea, 4 or 5 times a day
~not exercised
~walked less than 6,000 steps most days
~snacked just before bed
`~eaten too much bread and desserts
~not eaten enough fruits So here is a list of new routines I hope to adopt (adapted from Healthy Habits Daily Countdown) 

1 glass of hot lemon water to start the day
2 hours before bed turn off the computer
3 -10 minute exercise breaks – just as effective as 1 -30 minute block
4 hours between meals
5 -7 fruits and vegetables a day
6 food breaks – 3 healthy meals and 3 small healthy snacks
7 -8 hours of sleep a night
8 glasses of water a day
9 minutes or more – to meditate, write in a gratitude journal, pray
10 thousand steps a day

I started my morning with a glass of hot lemon water. (There are many benefits- check here for reasons why)
Breakfast was an egg and half an English muffin
No tea, no cereal, no toast. And it filled me to lunch - of canned salmon and carrots and a nectarine.
I plan to stay away from tea for a while and drink more water.

Changing routines and developing healthier habits is my key to success.

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