Monday, September 16, 2013

Returning to my Senses

I have decided to start a 100 Day Challenge, beginning today. This will take me to Christmas Eve.
I need more structure to my days so that I can accomplish more than I am.
The past few weeks, since our holidays really, I have been off track. In fact, by last Friday, I had gained a few pounds back, I knew I was eating bad and it was like I couldn't help myself.
This morning, I have woken up feeling awqful and knowing I have to do something.  Hence the 100 Days.
Ann Voskamp of "A Holy Experience" and the author of "One Thousand Gifts", has a wonderful tool for keeping track of habits you want to address each day for 100 days. Check here for this printable.
Habits can be changed but need time and persistence - usually 30 days is required.
So for 30 days at a time I plan to address 3 different habits and record them on Ann's sheet to keep me accountable.
For the first month, the 3 areas of concern will be:
1. Drink water with lemon juice on arising.
2. Move daily for 10-20 minutes.
3. Go gluten-free.
Just to make me totally accountable (!), I weighed myself this morning. 197.6  Not as bad as I thought.


  1. I know that for me personally now that my schedule has picked up a bit more it has thrown me off track. I get suckered into the mind set that if I can't workout after work then I don't have to eat well and use that excuse as a license to eat wild! I NEED to get my mind right before I do some lb damage.

  2. Great goals! I'm sure any extra weight you gained will fall right off with the increased water! Thanks for linking up.

  3. I like your goals, I was drinking water with lemon first thing in the day for a while, but I haven't lately. I think you've inspired me to give it another go, thank you!

  4. I truly think it is all about habits and when you change your habits you will lose the weight. I feel like I have changed my habits and I just don't crave bad foods anymore. A 100 day challenge is a fantastic idea. If you complete the challenge you will see great success.