Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Weighty Wisdom

       Wednesday  Weighty  Wisdom
The past few days I have been reading "Undiet" by Meghan Telpner and have been enjoying her conversational way of writing.
She basically took on curing her stomach problems through research and recognizing what made her feel better. It was a long journey but she came out of it healthy and eager to share her findings.
As she say, we should all be "living wholly and fully with joy and pleasure.
Her first step is to drink water - lots of it.(8 - 10 glasses a day) We need water - for energy, lubing the joints, keeping the blood flowing freely  and boosting our immune system to name 4. If we become dehydrated, it may seem as if we are hungry as our energy level drops. What we need though is to keep hydrated with water, 
She gives ways to enhance the water and recipes for green juices and special drinks.
I know I do not drink enough water. I drink a lot of tea and some juice and mild as well. I have been trying to add more water the past few days - I am up to almost 2 glasses a day. I have a ways to go.
I will be continuing with reading "The Undiet " and see where she leads.
I have though, cut out wheat this week and am already finding my stomach problems have eased a bit. I am also not craving "goodies" as much. That was one of my worst habits - tea and a treat after lunch and dinner. I am trying green tea and also having fruit and yogurt as my snack. It is helping.

Friday, July 26, 2013

First Check In

This morning, I started my day with weighing and measuring myself. I will be keeping a record of  my progress in the above tab.
I am still below where I was  in February - so I have maintained that weight loss. A good sign. I have even lost a couple of inches since then. Yeah!

For me, the most powerful tool is the recording of my meals and snacks and whatever I do for fitness. I aim to do this. It has been shown that when you record what you eat, where and when you eat and even the feelings you are experiencing really helps.

I know there is no magic pill. It is a step by step change in habits. It is moving more and eating less!

My overall goal is to :  Lose 25 pounds and become fitter.

Goals for week 1:

1. Record my food intake.
2. Drink more water
3. Finish reading "UnDiet" by Meghan Telpner
4. Start reading "Wheat Belly" by William Davis

See you Wednesday for "Wednesday's Weighty Wisdom" - a look at what I am reading and learning about healthy lifestyles.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July - or in other Words -A Gift to Me

A new start. A new beginning. How many times have I said this and tried it. Too many to count. It has been 45 years since I could say I was reasonably fit and healthy.

But enough already. I am so tired of pain, of being overweight and not feeling healthy. I have just retired and would actually like to enjoy this new chapter in my life a lot healthier than I am now.

So today, July 25th, sometimes called Christmas in July, I want to give myself a gift - of getting out of that long, deep rut I have been in and actually start making a difference in my life.

When I turned 61 in January, I resolved to start making healthy choices. I started a blog to keep track of my weight loss journey and to be accountable. I did lose weight but my journey was short - a month.

So this is my first step climbing out of that unhealthy rut and along a path to health and fitness.

My goal is to post Fridays with what I have done over the past week, the challenges I have faced, lessons learned, changes made.

Tomorrow I will start my statistics and goals for the journey.