Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July - or in other Words -A Gift to Me

A new start. A new beginning. How many times have I said this and tried it. Too many to count. It has been 45 years since I could say I was reasonably fit and healthy.

But enough already. I am so tired of pain, of being overweight and not feeling healthy. I have just retired and would actually like to enjoy this new chapter in my life a lot healthier than I am now.

So today, July 25th, sometimes called Christmas in July, I want to give myself a gift - of getting out of that long, deep rut I have been in and actually start making a difference in my life.

When I turned 61 in January, I resolved to start making healthy choices. I started a blog to keep track of my weight loss journey and to be accountable. I did lose weight but my journey was short - a month.

So this is my first step climbing out of that unhealthy rut and along a path to health and fitness.

My goal is to post Fridays with what I have done over the past week, the challenges I have faced, lessons learned, changes made.

Tomorrow I will start my statistics and goals for the journey.

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  1. Best wishes, Beverley. It isn't easy, but remember at least one person will be looking for your Friday posts! (Hope you'll link with your other blog!)